Orange County Faith and Charity

Prayer requests and ways to get involved locally and make a difference in your neighborhood are the ways we pay it forward. @HomeIN Magazine is dedicated to giving back to the community because we are all about “community”, providing local ads, local stories, and local content to help people become connected.

You always do such a wonderful job of putting the best light on us. If we get half the response brought by last year’s story, the event will be another roaring success.
Nona Watson - Executive Director
Brea Chamber of Commerce
25% of the total registration (for the city track meet); very impressive for one week, considering we had been promoting the event in other ways for months.
Mike Maxfield - Communications Director
City of Yorba Linda
…last year two pictures from the blind artists art exhibit were sold. This year [with the story] 19 were sold!
Arlene - Marketing Director
Southern California College of Optometry
Sounds, and looks, great! This is by far, the best piece we’ve had done on us to date.
Ed Hart – Marketing Director
Fullerton Flyers
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