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Have you ever passed by a local restaurant and wondered if it’s any good? Sometimes the restaurant name is so vague you can’t even tell what kind of food they serve. Wish that when you read a restaurant review it was on some place close enough to home that you could actually go there tonight? @HomeIN Magazine has it!

Super Suppers has used other magazines, but no where near the success of your ads. I would say we are getting your coupons at least 10-1 as compared to our others.
Janine Hellebrand - Co-Owner
Super Suppers
Love it! You guys are great. We love @Home IN Mag!
Stefan Cox – Co-Owner
Havana Mania
…your editorial for that ad it was great. I loved how you were so lively in your descriptions...
Maria Foskari - Owner
Foscari’s Fine Italian Dining
It has been the best thing we have ever had for the restaurant. All the others things we do may affect a weekend, but your magazine we continue to get new customers from it.
Murali Kamath - Owner
Supatra’s Thai Bistro
Not only are they coming in like you said, but over half aren’t even bringing in the coupon. They just come in and start talking about the story, that’s how I know they came from you. You are the best!
Sammy Crivello - Manager
Massimo's Pizza
Thanks for astonishing, poetic review. You were right. I didn’t believe you when you said that our success is your success, but now I believe it too.
Morteza Tohidi - Manager
Darya Restaurant
This made me wonder where all the other money I spent for advertising went. Amazing returns! When will you open in South Bay?
Fernando Chang - Owner
W’s China Bistro
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