Our Publisher

Mr. Raoul Piette brings a resume of unrivaled growth, no matter the industry, to anchor @HomeIN Magazine.

While other Internet based companies had been reduced to penny stocks. Kiss.com, a top quality Internet site offering content and services for singles seeking meaningful romantic relationships, contracted with Mr. Piette to be Director of Sales in 2001. Kiss.com, a privately-owned company valued at the time at $2.3 million, sold in 2003 for $150 Million, thanks in part to an exploding user base generated from a vast affiliate program Mr. Piette implemented.

Mr. Piette used the funds from his stock options to launch @HomeIN Magazines “I’ve been in the dot.com world, and understand that research is done on-line, but buying decisions are made locally.  I spent my entire life here in Southern California and like most families we toil away, not really knowing the people, events, and businesses that surround us.  I wanted to better know this community and develop a deeper feeling of belonging.  @HomeIN Magazine was born of this thought process; local ads, local stories, local content. We’re helping people know their immediate surroundings, not what’s going on in another county or country, but what’s right here at home.”

Having spent the better part of the nineties changing a non-profitable PC training company into the World’s Leading Provider of Instructor-led Training, Raoul Piette understands what it takes to build a profitable business. Recognition with TRW Information Systems for maintaining the highest level of client retention across the nation, Mr. Piette is a believer that, “An informed customer is a happy customer.”

Other conversation points along the career track include four years as the youngest-ever Regional Marketing Director for an International Ad Agency, setting the agency mark for highest tour revenue. “Giving the people what they want is often a matter of letting them know what you have in a way that grabs their attention.”

A specialist in strategic alliances, Raoul brings decades of success at identifying market opportunities and maintaining symbiotic partnerships. It is this perception and recognition of market shifts, and the opportunities thereby presented that has us here at @HomeIN Magazines thankful we have his guidance in the role of Publisher.

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